Metabolic Institute organises FoodE’s first hackathons

08 October 2020

Within the framework of FoodE, our project partner Metabolic Institute will organise two online student hackathons to solve crucial challenges in urban farming initiatives. The hackathons invite young students, based in the Netherlands, to explore tangible solutions in urban agriculture.

Local urban food initiatives are flourishing in cities around the world, providing a unique opportunity to enhance local food security and create short, resilient food supply chains.

Metabolic is currently working on the development and implementation of an open-source aquaponics farm, based in North Amsterdam. The pilot aims at integrating different grow systems and developing an aquaponics management software system designed for inexperienced growers.

In this context, the hackathons will seek to tackle two distinctive challenges:


The outcomes of the hackathons will be used to further develop the pilot project. The sign-up form can be accessed here. The registrations will be open until 16 October.