Participate in “Draw your FoodE superhero or superheroine” contest and your drawing can become a cartoon!

14 December 2020

FoodE opens the contest “Draw your FoodE superhero or superheroine” to children in primary schools.

The climate is changing, the world population is growing more and more, cities become megalopolises, and the land to cultivate food becomes scarcer. How will people manage to feed themselves? We need a superhero!

Think, draw and name your superhero or superheroine who, thanks to his/her super-intelligence, will invent new ways of producing food while respecting the environment and people.

Each student will have to prepare a drawing of his/her superhero or superheroine and give him/her a name.

A super-jury, made up of scientists, sociologists, communication experts, etc. from all over Europe will choose the drawing which represents best the spirit of FoodE. The selected drawing will become the mascot of the project and the star of a cartoon.

The drawings in electronic format (scanning, photos) should be uploaded to the link by 31 December 2020.

The winner of the contest will be revealed on 07 January 2021.

The animation will be released in April 2021.

So what are you waiting for? Think global, eat local!