18 December 2020

Cooking food with freshly harvested vegetables from your garden may seem like a fiction for cities’ inhabitants. But this is not impossible. Over the last years, urban farming has gained in popularity and solutions have started to emerge.

02 December 2020

In this year’s annual Norwegian Honey Championship, a remarkable group of young, urban beekeepers from Oslo has won the silver medal in the category “honeydew”. The group was founded at the Oslo Living Lab, a project of Nabolagshager, and a partner of FoodE.

16 October 2020

On October 16th, we celebrate international World Food Day. This day was established in honour of the founding of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in 1945. World Food Days have been with us for 41 years.

15 September 2020

Every year, a Catalan person wastes 34 kilos of food. This means that Catalonia wastes over 250 million kilos of perfectly fine food ever year. In a time where people are growing more conscious of the food that they eat and the impact it has on our planet, this data encouraged the Autonomous Region of Catalunya to apply several strategies to reduce food waste.

08 July 2020

You are sitting in your office, while the sun is burning or you are at home with your children during their summer school vacations. How delicious and refreshing would be an ice cream now? Why do I ask you these questions? I try to show you that innovative business models and regional food production concern your everyday life much more than you might think. Moreover, you can have tasty ice cream or other delicious food, whilst supporting your own region and local food economy. Got your attention? Fantastic!

30 June 2020

Sustainable food systems are at the heart of EU Green Deal. With the publication of the Farm to Fork Strategy on 20 May 2020, the Commission took the first step towards a new, sustainability-focused EU agri-food policy. A strategy that also creates new opportunities for local food initiatives.