27 January 2021

In the search for a FoodE mascot, primary school pupils from all over Europe took part in a mascot drawing competition. After a careful and critical evaluation of all the designs that were received, the jury decided that Terrix will be our FoodE mascot!

14 December 2020

FoodE opens the contest “Draw your FoodE superhero or superheroine" to children in primary schools

27 November 2020, Warsaw, Poland

This symposium will explore how landscape ecology can provide the knowledge needed to better address the relationship between agriculture and the urban environment. Contributions, which focus on functions and processes related to productive landscapes, as well as the role of spatial planning on how to address them, are encouraged.

02 November 2020

“Urban Centre for Good Initiatives” (CUIB) is the most sustainable bistro in Romania. It aims to mitigate the negative effects of climate change by implementing (1) Zero Food Waste, (2) Zero Waste, and (3) Zero Food Kilometres. “Ambition ZERO” describes CUIB’s ambition to reduce negative environmental impacts in Iași, Romania.

23 October 2020, Paris

On 7 October 2020, the French National Institute of Agricultural Research (INRAE) and the Paris Institute of Technology for Life, Food and Environmental Sciences (AgroParisTech) presented FoodE during Science Week France.

16 October 2020, Online

The conference entitled “Svetovni dan hrane, Gojimo, hranimo, ohranjajmo. Skupaj” is one of the main events celebrating the World Food Day in Slovenia. Arctur presented the FoodE project, focusing on the activities it will undertake in Slovenia.

08 October 2020

Within the framework of FoodE, our project partner Metabolic Institute will organise two online student hackathons to solve crucial challenges in urban farming initiatives. The hackathons invite young students, based in the Netherlands, to explore tangible solutions in urban agriculture.

03 September 2020

One of the principal aims of FoodE project is to develop local food systems able to meet the needs of their users. To do this, such systems needs to be designed together with the people who use them.

17 August 2020, Turku, Finland

In the context of the SPPS PhD Student Conference which will take place in Turku, Finland as on 2-4 September 2020, FoodE will organise the workshop "How to bring innovation in City/Region Food Systems?"

07 July 2020

On 02-03 July FoodE partners met online for 2 days full of stimulating discussions and presentations in the context of the project’s Steering Committee meeting.

18 June 2020

How does FoodE contribute to sustainable gastronomy? Our project aims to accelerate the growth of sustainable City/Region Food Systems (CRFS) by bringing together local citizen-led food initiatives across Europe. We seek to build a ‘Think global, eat local’ mindset, which encompasses the idea that people can contribute to tackling global challenges while boosting the local economy.

28 May 2020

After our kick-off event in Bologna on 13-14 February, we are now officially launching FoodE’s online presence!

17 February 2020

The ever-growing world population, the increased urbanisation, and the depletion of natural resources put pressure on global food security. Combined with the effect of climate change, our food supply is at risks and food chains face challenges.

14 February 2020

The Horizon 2020 research project FoodE develops solutions to improve the sustainability of local food systems. The project’s activities could help equip City/Region Food Systems (CRFS) with the capacity to withstand the challenges stemming from the Covid-19 outbreak. To assess the implications of the pandemic on food systems, FoodE prepares a comprehensive policy paper.