FoodE at the SPPS PhD Student Conference 2020

17 August 2020, Turku, Finland

In the context of the SPPS PhD Student Conference which will take place in Turku, Finland as on 2-4 September 2020, FoodE will organise the workshop "How to bring innovation in City/Region Food Systems?"

The workshop will allow PhD candidates and researchers to discuss innovation and sustainability of local food production, processing, distribution and consumption. Talks will range among all aspects of City/Region Food Systems (CRFS), including innovative plant production systems, sustainability assessment, short food chains, food waste management, urban agriculture, business models and the water-food-energy nexus within cities.

Speakers will summarise their innovative ideas and PhD research projects in three minutes, answering the questions:

The workshop will bring together 15 contributions combining two plenary lectures and 13 short presentations from PhD candidates) from 9 countries.

For more information on the different sessions, have a look at the workshop’s agenda:

Time Title Speaker
15.30-15.35 Welcome and Opening of the workshop. Giuseppina Pennisi
15.35-15.45 How to make smart and sustainable CRFS economically viable? Bernd Pölling
15.45-15.55 The environmental impacts of EU food consumption and innovative urban agriculture experiences. Esther Sanyé-Mengual

Session 1. Improving Food Production

15.55-16.00 Rooftop cultivation as a response to new urban exigencies: an inventory of worldwide cases. Elisa Appolloni
16.00-16.05 Potential volatile organic compounds emission in indoor urban farming: impact assessment in building integrated-Rooftop Greenhouses (i-RTG). Gaia Stringari
16.05-16.10 Quantifying resources-to-food conversion efficiency in urban horticultural systems, under diversified climate conditions. Isabella Righini
16.10-16.15 Teresina Urban community gardens. The producers perception of natural resources management. Nicola Michelon
16.15-16.20 Natural wax from arctic berries as our treasure. Priyanka Trivedi
16.20-16.25 Toward the understanding of the role of aquaponics toward circularity and more liveable cities. Roberta Calone
16.25-16.30 Homegrown microgreen - from light-recipes to taste. Martina Angeleri

Session 2: Reducing Food Waste

16.30-16.35 Food waste in the school food service sector: elaboration and assessment of tailored mitigation strategies. Zhuang Qian
16.35-16.40 Theoretically and Practically avoidable food waste: trade-off analysis in determining priorities to reduce food waste at City/Region Food System level. Pietro Tonini
16.40-16.45 Urban agriculture and organic waste management: a case study from Florianopolis, Brazil. Gianluca Di Fiore

Session 3. Creating Sustainable Cities

16.45-16.50 The City/Region Food System adaptations in the post Covid-19 era: evidences to design a more sustainable future. Mara Petruzzelli
16.50-16.55 Innovative digital solution approaches to enhance sustainable behaviors in City Region Food Systems. Francesca Monticone
16.55-17.00 Territorializing food system sustainability assessment: Life Cycle Thinking contribution to shared value chains. Francesco Cirone
17.00-17.10 Closure of the meeting and award ceremony Giuseppina Pennisi


Book of abstracts

Pennisi, G: How to bring innovation in city region food systems.pdf

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