Ambition ZERO – Reducing the Environmental Footprint at CUIB

02 November 2020

“Urban Centre for Good Initiatives” (CUIB) is the most sustainable bistro in Romania. It aims to mitigate the negative effects of climate change by implementing (1) Zero Food Waste, (2) Zero Waste, and (3) Zero Food Kilometres.

“Ambition ZERO” describes CUIB’s ambition to reduce negative environmental impacts in Iași, Romania


The context:

CUIB is engaged in four areas of activity: ecology and environmental protection, education for sustainable development, social economy, and civic responsibility. The actions in these fields are driven by the concept of thinking globally while acting locally.

Since December 2013, CUIB has put Iași in the spotlight of socio-economic initiatives across Europe. In February 2020, CUIB started cooperating with FoodE, enabling it to invest into its development.

The support through FoodE and CUIB’s dedicated team helped significantly to overcome the challenging circumstances of 2020. For the next 4 years, CUIB envisages a set of new initiatives under the umbrella term “Ambition ZERO”.

CUIB strives to achieve:


The way forward

To improve the sustainability of local food systems, it will be indispensable to involve as many different perspectives as possible – be it from local residents, or internationally through social networks.

CUIB will disseminate questionnaires, conduct interviews, organise discussion groups, hackathons and more to gather as many inputs as possible. It will then analyse all inputs received and draw up an action plan which will be implemented with the help of FoodE partners.

These activities will be carried out between the end of 2020 and the first half of 2021. Stay tuned for new updates!