Call for services: FoodE website development and maintenance

01 February 2021

Scope of the assignment

For the assignment (2020-2024), the service provider will be asked to:

1) Design a web infrastructure (e.g. Drupal, WordPress) that can be easily managed by the FoodE consortium (e.g. creating new sections, uploading contents (news, blogs, videos, images, files - e.g. .pdf);

2) Design a website which is appealing and dynamic, in line with the visual identity of the project. Such a website is expected to deliver the same look and feel as the current website: The website will have to be operational and work seamlessly regardless of the web browser and should also be user friendly on a mobile phone. The website provider also has to take into account that an app (either a browser-based or computer-based app) will be developed in the context of the project (out of the scope of this assignment), and that a certain integration might be required with the website over the coming years. 

3) Ensure the liaison with the current website owner for transferring the web domain and the DNS server;

4) Provide regular technical support for ensuring the maintenance of the website and fix technical issues that may arise.

The above list should not be considered exhaustive, as the FoodE consortium reserves the right to request additional services to the service provider. Under such cases, the service provider will be invited to provide additional quotations.


Service providers are expected to abide with the following timeline:

12 February 5PM (CET)

Deadline for submitting proposals for services


15 February

Decision on the selected supplier

FoodE consortium

15-19 February

Introductory meeting with the FoodE consortium

Selected supplier

31 March

Live revamped FoodE website

Selected supplier

April 2021 – February 2024

Updates, technical fix, DNS and domain name

Selected supplier


Service providers are invited to:

1) Submit a short proposal for the services to be provided, including a budget proposal for:

2) Provide examples of website development.

3) Share the CV of the team members who will be responsible for the website development.


All proposal should be sent to

Note: Service providers will be selected under a competitive bidding process, based on their budget proposal, credentials, and prior customer satisfaction.