Call for services: Development of an animated video for FoodE

01 February 2021


The European project FoodE – Food Systems in European Cities – (Grant agreement no. 862663) aims to accelerate the growth of sustainable and resilient citizen-led urban food system initiatives across Europe.

Part of the activities envisaged in the context of FoodE is “KidScience” – a dissemination and communication campaign for awareness raising on the benefits of local food systems targeting school children. In this context, the project envisages to create and launch a short animated video. It should communicate the challenges faced by food systems (e.g. climate change, such as drought, etc.) and solutions to address them in a playful and easy-to-understand manner. As part of the KidScience campaign, school pupils across EU Member States submitted their ideas for a FoodE mascot which will become the main character of the animated video.

Against this background, FoodE is issuing a call for services to identify the most suitable company to carry out the tasks detailed in the section below.


Scope of the assignment

The objective is to develop an animated video that is primarily aimed at school pupils aged between 7-11. Specific tasks that are expected to be carried out by the service provider are:

  1. To translate the design of FoodE’s mascot into an animated character;
  2. To develop an animated video which is no longer than 60/90 seconds;
  3. To provide a voice-over in English, based on a script prepared by FoodE;
  4. To integrate subtitles in different languages, based on inputs provided by FoodE;
  5. To integrate FoodE’s logo in the beginning and ending of the video;
  6. To display the social media channels and a link to the project’s website.


FoodE will provide the following content to the service provider:

  1. The design of the FoodE mascot;
  2. The script of the animated video and its voice-over;
  3. The translated subtitles to be integrated by the service provider (in French, Italian, Romanian, Slovenian, Dutch, German and Norwegian).



Service providers are expected to abide with the following timeline:

8 February 5PM (CET)

Deadline for submitting proposals for services

Service provider

10-12  February

Decision on the selected supplier

FoodE consortium

15 March

Preparation of a draft animation

Service provider

20 March

Feedback from the FoodE consortium

Service provider

26 March

Submission of the final animation

Service provider

30 March

Publication of the animation

FoodE consortium




Service providers are invited to:

1- Submit a short proposal for the services to be provided, including a budget proposal for:

-        Translating the FoodE’s mascot into an animated character;

-        The production of the animated video;

-        The creation of a voice-over in English;

-        The integration of sub-titles.

2- Provide examples of previous animated videos;

3- Share the CV of the team members who will be responsible for the project development.


All proposal should be sent to

Note: Service providers will be selected under a competitive bidding process, based on their budget proposal, credentials, and prior customer satisfaction.